Artist Bio: Scott Wedemeyer

Scott Wedemeyer in high-def (left) and low-def (right)

Scott Wedemeyer is a lifelong Midwesterner living in Ann Arbor, MI who creates ‘unaccounted-for spaces’ in artwork and stories.

“There is an infinite richness to the visual world,” taught one of Scott’s professors at Denison University in Granville, OH (2003-07) where he studied Philosophy and Studio Art. This challenged Scott see and illuminate unique angles of this visual richness – especially in everyday suburban settings – thus creating a sense of wonder in the familiar and rendering new spaces formerly unaccounted by others.  

The idea of ‘unaccounted-for spaces’ further developed from spending hours as a child staring across Lake Michigan and occasionally seeing and dreaming about mirages – eerie atmospheric phenomenon which show objects beyond the horizon looming in the sky. This wonderful space just above the horizon became a metaphor always wanting to see further/deeper as a coping mechanism for life’s demands to attend to the ordinary and the routine.

Scott is a also synaesthete who sees patterns of color in his mind’s eye triggered by letters/words/numbers/units of time, which he considers both a gift and a handicap (explaining these mental images proves torturous!). In 2012 he created a pixelated body suit of himself – effectively a blurry, wearable self-portrait – to represent how he feels that others cannot clearly see him as he sees himself.

For the past nine years Scott has worked in the tech sector (Google Ann Arbor) designing marketing/sales strategy while also fixing up three old homes DIY-style. Both shaped his artwork: the former, by communicating complex ideas simply using visual design and storytelling; the latter, by appreciating mass and texture through building up (or tearing) down physical layers.

He continues to create fine art in his free time and also weaves it into his corporate life – whether contributing a mural to his company’s office or pushing the boundaries of Halloween costumes (4-time office costume champion).

Scott also is a regular storyteller at The Moth in Ann Arbor (Story Slam Champion, Sept 2015) and a musician.

What is Many Lines?

This website and Scott's pen-name is "Many Lines" for two reasons:

1) The artist's responsibility is to pull out new threads for others to see from the infinitely rich tapestry of the visual world; there are many many many lines (and shapes, masses, textures, colors, etc.) everywhere we can possible look and this is why the world is wonderful

2) One night during college, Scott and his friend Jeff decided to head to the campus art building of Denison University (Cleveland Hall) and create a finished work of process-driven art in one session. They cut two strips of zinc etching plates, each about 2" x 12", and spent a 30 minutes drumming and stomping around the building using the zinc plates on tables, railings, metal lockers, etc. as percussion. At the end of the drum session (which sadly wasn't recorded), both Scott and Jeff pulled intaglio prints of their zinc plates. Each plate's scratches and dents were markedly different than the other, which caused Jeff to label himself "Deep Gouges" and Scott "Many Lines."